Pre-job safety assessment and near miss report

Hazard matrix with controls can be found here: Risk Matrix

Pre-job hazard assessement
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Hazard breakdown for Risk Activities | Severity Scale: 4 Serious injury or death possible 3 Possible hospitalization 2 First aid or ongoing therapy require 1 Minor acute or chronic injury that does not require intervention | Frequency: 4 Likely to happen without extreme precautions 3 Likely to happen occasionally under normal circumstances 2 May happen once every few years 1 Not likely to happen | Risk = Severety X Frequency Low risk – 1 to 3 Moderate risk – 4 to 8 High risk – 9 to 12 Unacceptable risk – 12+
For each of the identified hazards, document which controls are in place to mitigate risk. Engineering controls are procedures or equipment that reduces or eliminates risk such as guardrails. Administrative controls are policies that limit the need to engage in hazardous activity and PPE is there in the event engineering and administrative controls are insufficient.

PPE Details

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